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preservation renovation & decoration service


jurraf decoration
period property specialist

Nottinghamshire Domestic & Commercial 
preservation renovation & decoration service
jurraf have worked as commercial & scenic artists, sign writers, designers & builders, interior designers & consultants, project managers, carpenters, labourers & apprentices,
hard & soft landscapers, painters & decorators.

We have focussed much of our efforts of late working on period properties. Bringing these beautiful and at times important historic buildings back to there former glory. 'Bucket' loads of patience, skill & 2 part filler is often required in transforming these houses back in to dream homes. 

Dyslexic as a child, jurraf was how I spelt Girrafe. I guess the name stuck. High up on a scaffold or ladder to reach the apex of a house the name 'jurraf' seemed apt at the time of starting the buisness. 
As a former artist & counsellor. Now husband & father.
One never really knows what life will throw at us. 
Life will be a journey and you will get your heart broken all going well.
A group of Giraffe's is called ......... A 'Journey' of jurraf's & a Giraffe has the biggest heart of all land animals. 
My work practice is about honesty & clarity. Follow a given process of any task (it is usally there for a reason). Anything is possible with hard work & endeavour. To listen to my clients needs, wants & budget & worst case explain a full restoration is not possible for £199.00 however you could spend the £199.00 like this. 
Materials are what they are: It costs you what it costs me. All discount is passed back to our clients. 



Interior design & colour advice, paint prep paper & everything inbetween, floorboard sand stain renewal, Minton floor design & fit. Bespoke gates, commissions & sculptures, 

Our ethos

hard work, clear lines of communication, follwing a process

Our promise

All trade discount is passed back to our clients. Materials cost you what it costs me.